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When it's determined that you can't save your natural teeth, it's time for an alternative to a gummy, toothless mouth. That's where dentures come in! Dentures are removable artificial teeth that are meant to enhance your comfort and look. Trust us to help you choose the right dentures; we're experts at this!

Dentures not only improve the appearance of your smile, but they can increase your self-esteem and social confidence. They support your facial muscles and can improve your speech. They also allow you to eat food that you otherwise wouldn't be able to eat without teeth. What's more, most dental insurance plans cover dentures. If you think it's time to join the 41 million Americans who have dentures, then give us a call at (657) 888-9011! We'll be happy to get you started on your new dental journey.

Dentures Vs. Bridges

Two paths diverging in the woods

Unhealthy teeth

Unhealthy teeth

If the teeth surrounding the gap are in bad enough shape that they're likely to be replaced, then they're not great candidates for a bridge. In this case, you may want to opt for partial dentures, which work best when patients are missing a number of teeth on both sides of the mouth. Plus, partial dentures can be removed for easy cleaning, and are more likely to be covered by insurance. On the negative side, partial dentures usually last around five years, meaning that they require replacement more frequently than a bridge.

Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth

If your gap is surrounded by healthy teeth that can be used as anchors, then it's possible that a bridge is the better choice. Bridges can last up to 15 years, which is considerably longer than partial dentures. Many patients report that bridges look and feel more natural than dentures, and many prefer to have a permanent replacement that does not need to be removed and cleaned regularly. On the downside, even if the neighboring teeth are healthy and strong, the dentist must change the shape of those teeth and cover them with crowns in order to apply the bridge. Bridges are also usually more expensive than partial dentures.

The Smile You Were Meant To Have

We resurrect that winning smile

Everyday wear and tear is no match for our skills in dentistry! Take back the smile you deserve with dentures today. Our skilled and accomplished team of dental champions are ready to assist with all of your dental needs. From the moment you walk through our office doors, you'll be given the royal treatment as we assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action. Our state-of-the-art dental offices are equipped with cutting edge technology and ultra-comfortable amenities to make you feel right at home. When it's time to restore that mouth to full health, count on us to equip you with the right dentures! Call us at (657) 888-9011 today to set up an appointment with the best denture dentist in Orange!

What Kinds Of Dentures Are There?

Exploring your options

There's a great variety of dentures out there. But which one is right for you? Read on as we discuss the choices available... Partial dentures are one option. They're appropriate when you've lost some teeth, but some natural teeth still remain in your mouth. These natural teeth increase the stability of the denture, which can be fixed (permanent dentures) or precision (removable dentures). Partial dentures keep your natural teeth from shifting around, which they would do if the missing teeth weren't replaced. If you're missing all of your teeth, you may consider complete dentures. There are two types of complete dentures, conventional and immediate. Immediate dentures can be placed on the same day your teeth are extracted and are worn for the few months following full tooth loss. As the mouth heals, the gums and jaws shrink, which changes the shape of your mouth. As a result, the immediate dentures need readjustment

as your mouth changes shape, and the conventional dentures are applied after the healing process is complete. Custom dentures can aid in bringing out a more natural-looking smile, but the material is more expensive than that of other dentures. Implant-supported dentures use durable, natural-looking implants to support the denture. Snap-in dentures offer the most stability, as they're held securely in place with implants or with anchors onto the natural teeth. Overdentures sit atop the gums and are held by dental implants. Finally, economy dentures are a generic, but cost-effective, type of denture that doesn't always prove a perfect fit in the mouth. It's not a bad idea to use denture glue if you're going with economy dentures. There are so many dentures out there on the market, but don't worry. We're here to help guide you every step of the way. Just call us at (657) 888-9011 and we can discuss denture options with you.

  • How much do dentures cost?

    The cost of your dentures depends on the type of denture being constructed, the material being used, the location, and the dentist, just to name a few factors. To discuss pricing details or financing options, give us a call at (657) 888-9011 to set up a consultation!

  • Can I use a denture with implants?

    Yes, you can! For implant supported dentures, it is recommended to use at least four implants to support the whole mouth, although some believe it only requires two.

  • How can I repair my dentures?

    There are a variety of do-it-yourself denture repair kits available on the market, but the best option is to consult with us about repairing or replacing your dentures. An attempt to repair the dentures by yourself may result in worsening the situation!

  • When do I use a denture adhesive?

    A denture adhesive is used to promote retention, stability, and bite force. They also benefit patients with dry mouth conditions or neurologic disabilities. However, if your dentures fit poorly, then adhesives should not be used to compensate -- get the dentures relined or replaced.

  • What can you not eat with dentures?

    With dentures, it's best to avoid salty or sticky candy, nuts and seeds, hard-to-chew foods, and especially peanut butter. These types of foods are known to destabilize your dentures. Coffee and tea should also be avoided, as they may stain the dentures.

  • Can dentures cause sore gums?

    Many patients who wear dentures complain of gum discomfort. Fortunately, there are many remedies available. If you're feeling any discomfort, give us a call and we can discuss solutions.

  • Do you lose weight after getting dentures?

    Some patients report weight loss after getting dentures because of new limitations on their diets, and because they're now consuming soft foods like soup and mashed potatoes.

  • Can you wear your dentures to bed?

    Wearing dentures while you sleep is not recommended. When you remove your dentures at night, you give your gums time to heal and increase the lifespan of the dentures. You also keep harmful bacteria from accumulating on your dentures overnight.

  • How are permanent dentures constructed?

    Once you've chosen the type of denture you desire, a series of impressions are made of your jaw, and measurements are taken for how your jaws relate with each other. Next, a model is made that mirrors the exact shape and position of your new dentures. You will then wear this model, whose shape, color, and fit will be adjusted to your needs and preferences before the final denture is cast.



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