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Kids Dentistry, Orange, California

Let's face it. For some children, the dentist's office is the last place they want to be. They (and maybe a few adults) might associate it with a whole bunch of unpleasant things. Fortunately, we at Gold Coast Dental Orange are sensitive to the needs of children -- and their grown-up children as well.

We pride ourselves in being the most kid-friendly dentist in Orange, creating a dentist office for kids that puts them at ease and entertains them too. With us, children can say goodbye to their fears of visiting the dentist, and say hello to a kids dentist that understands them inside and out!

How We Accommodate Your Child

Why our approach to children's dentistry and orthodontics is the best, bar none

At Gold Coast Dental Orange, we understand what children are going through when they visit the dentist, and we strive to create an environment that is welcoming and relaxing for the little ones. What makes us different from all the other dentists is our specialized way of working with children. Our team of highly trained professionals is skilled in using the smaller dental instruments that fit children's mouths. We're also well versed in the factors that contribute to a child's development and dental health, and as one of the leading practices in family and children's dentistry, we look forward to discussing them with you! We're experts on

emerging baby teeth, and we have exhaustive knowledge about the preventive care you can exercise with your children to keep their baby teeth healthy and strong. As the first set of teeth emerges, we'll take a look at speech and cosmetic issues that may develop as a result. We'll explain the situation in terms easily understood by children and adults alike. And when it's time for the tooth fairy to collect some of those baby teeth, the children's dentist will make the adventure of growing permanent teeth fun and engaging for the kids. Schedule your appointment today at (657) 888-9011 and see why we're the best kid dentist around.

Developing Minds, Bodies, And Teeth

We're with you through it all

Our priority at Gold Coast Dental Orange is to help your children develop into full-fledged adults with healthy, beautiful smiles. We're here every step of the way to guide you in the process, to inform you of what adjustments need to be made, and to give our attentive and first-rate care to any problems or emergencies you may be experiencing. If it's time to get your child started on the path to a healthy smile, just give us a call at (657) 888-9011 to find out why we're number one in children's pediatric dentistry! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Child's Development Process

How the dental situation changes from child to adult

Childhood can be a very dynamic and transformative time on many levels. Your dental status is no exception. Here's a timeline for how your child's mouth changes as they mature into fully functional adults: Six months. The first baby teeth typically emerge from the gums around this time (usually the front bottom teeth). It's never too early to start brushing with your child, and once they have two teeth that touch, flossing. One year. By this time,

you'll want to have taken your child to the dentist for their first checkup, to kick off the lifelong habit of routine cleanings and exams. Three years. Baby teeth have continually erupted, and by now, the last few baby teeth are coming in at the very back of your child's mouth. Your child should have a total of twenty baby teeth: ten teeth on the top row and ten on the bottom. Six years. Around this age, your child should be experiencing loose teeth for the first

time. Baby teeth will begin to fall out in the order that they came in, and will continue to do so for several years. Twelve years. The final few baby teeth fall out around this age, making way for a full set of permanent adult teeth. The years leading up to the development of permanent teeth are crucial to guiding your child toward making healthy, lasting choices for their hygiene. By the time their last baby teeth fall out, they'll be ready to take on the world!

  • How often should my child see the dentist?

    Your child should visit the dentist at least twice a year, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The first visit should occur by the child's first birthday or when their first tooth emerges, whichever comes first.

  • What happens at my child's first dental visit?

    At the first visit, not much treatment is administered. Rather, the time is spent developing a relationship between the child and the dentist, and explaining to the parents what best practices are in order for their children's dental care.

  • If my child has never had a cavity, should they still see the dentist twice a year?

    There are still many reasons why your child should make regular visits to our children's family dentistry. Routine teeth cleanings eliminate debris that builds up on the teeth and cause decay. Fluoride treatments strengthen and protect tooth enamel. And of course, dental visits give us an opportunity to assess any changes in your child's oral health and make adjustments as necessary.

  • What if my child has a toothache?

    If your child is suffering from a toothache, gently rinse their mouth with water. You may want to administer an appropriate over-the-counter child-friendly pain medication. You may also consider applying a cold compress or ice wrapped in a washcloth to your child's face. Give us a call and set up an appointment as soon as you can.

  • What if my child has a chipped or cracked tooth?

    In the event of a chipped or cracked tooth, rinse your child's mouth with water. Then apply a cold compress to the affected area and call our office as soon as possible. We can often save your child's tooth and prevent the situation from developing into an infection.

  • When should I call a children's emergency dentist?

    If your child's teeth are broken or knocked out, or if your child complains of tooth pain or extreme sensitivity, that can be considered a dental emergency. Call us as soon as you can!

  • Is it safe for my child to get x-rays?

    The dental x-ray process is very low-risk and generally safe. When dental offices take x-rays of their patients' mouths, high-speed film and lead aprons are used to minimize the amount of radiation involved.

  • Should I request laughing gas for my child?

    If your child is especially nervous about visiting the dentist, then nitrous oxide is sometimes administered as a sedation option. However, if your child is suffering from a cold or a lung infection, then consider that laughing gas may not be the best choice for them.

  • When does a loose tooth require dental attention?

    If a loose tooth is causing extreme pain or discomfort and is interfering with everyday life, you may consider coming in to have it looked at. Of course, if it's an adult tooth we're talking about, then give us a call right away!



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