Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency

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Dental Emergency, Orange, California

You know it's time to call the emergency dentist. Maybe you've been ignoring that pain in your tooth that just keeps getting worse. Or maybe your teeth have sustained a heavy trauma from a sudden impact. Or maybe your wisdom teeth are giving you a hard time. No matter what your situation, know that we're here for you with our emergency dental services.

Our offices offer the ultimate in patient comfort and care, and we're ready to see you. There's no need to suffer anymore. Give us a call at (657) 888-9011 today.

Handling A Tooth Extraction

When there's simply no other option

Some dental emergencies are more serious than others. In some cases, it is necessary to remove the tooth that is causing pain. Here's a rundown on how a tooth extraction is performed: There are two different types of extractions, simple and surgical. The simple extraction is for visible teeth and starts with local anesthetic being administered so that you will feel little to no pain during the procedure. We then use a tool

called an elevator to loosen the tooth so that it can then be removed with forceps. The surgical extraction focuses on impacted teeth, or teeth that have failed to visibly erupt into the dental arch. For this type of extraction, not only will local anesthesia be administered, but it is likely that you will receive intravenous anesthesia to relax you as well. Depending on the situation, it's possible that you may also receive general

anesthesia to render you unconscious for the whole procedure. Now, we'll make a small incision into your gum to get to the tooth. It's possible that we'll need to remove some bone around the tooth or cut the tooth into smaller pieces to extract it. Both methods, while very different approaches for very different types of teeth, are highly effective. If you're in need of a tooth extraction, give us a call at (657) 888-9011 right away.

The Right People
For The Job

We've got your back in any kind of dental emergency

There's no need to suffer anymore. If you're dealing with a dental emergency, then come to us, the best in the business. Our team of seasoned professionals knows exactly what it takes to get you looking and feeling your best, and we'll make sure your emergency dental care experience is pain-free and hassle-free. If you're in the midst of a dental emergency, don't wait! Give us a call at (657) 888-9011 as soon as possible.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

Defining what is and isn't an immediate problem

Perhaps you're unsure of whether your particular situation is a dental emergency. Here's a quick guide on what the American Dental Association defines as an emergency or not. First, here are some situations that you may want to think twice about before calling emergencies. If you're interested in coming in for a routine cleaning and exam, then you're definitely not in emergency territory. The same is true if you want to come in for a routine visit involving braces. If you're dealing with any teeth or cavities that are not causing you any immediate pain, then you're not likely in an emergency situation. Finally, cosmetic services like teeth whitening are definitely not emergency

services. On the other hand, there are plenty of situations that are considered emergencies. If you're experiencing bleeding that doesn't stop or swelling of the mouth that doesn't go away, pick up the phone immediately. If you're suffering from a chipped tooth, cracked tooth, or knocked-out tooth, you may need emergency attention. If you're facing an acutely painful cavity or tooth abscess brought on by excessive tooth decay, these too can constitute emergency situations. Generally speaking, anything that involves persistent and acute pain in or around your mouth can be considered a dental emergency.

  • Do I need an emergency dentist?

    If you're feeling persistent pain in your tooth, or dealing with bleeding that won't stop, then you should seek emergency treatment. Give us a call right away!

  • Can I pull my own tooth?

    Unless we're talking about a baby tooth that is beyond ready to come out, it is not recommended that you pull your own teeth. If a tooth is causing you problems, call our offices and we can help.

  • Can a chipped or broken tooth heal on its own?

    Generally speaking, a tooth that is chipped or broken cannot heal by itself. However, in certain cases, the enamel can regrow slightly due to a process called remineralization.

  • How can I stop a toothache at home?

    Come see us for toothache relief. However, if you require immediate action before your visit, it is recommended that you rinse your mouth with salt water, which serves as a natural disinfectant.

  • Why is a chipped tooth an emergency?

    When a tooth is chipped, it potentially exposes the nerve, increasing the risk of tooth infection. The sharp surface may also cut the inside of your mouth. Chipped teeth can be fixed with bonding or veneers.

  • When do wisdom teeth become a problem?

    Wisdom teeth usually emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. However, they don't always cause problems, and sometimes they don't emerge at all. If you have wisdom teeth that are causing you pain, give us a call right away.

  • How many wisdom teeth can a person have?

    While it's most typical to have four wisdom teeth, some people have between zero and three, and in rare cases, they can have five or more wisdom teeth.

  • Does wisdom tooth extraction cause a change in one's bite?

    Many patients do experience a change in their bite after their wisdom teeth are extracted. Sometimes this has to do with a change in the bite force of certain teeth. When wisdom teeth are removed, the force is spread more evenly throughout the mouth, causing a shift in the amount of force certain teeth exert.

  • What's the source of gum pain?

    When people neglect their dental hygiene long enough, gum disease can be the result. Plaque and tartar accumulate, causing the gums to swell. The swelling can be painful at times. If this is happening to you, give us a call immediately.



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